MIREK KEMEL S KAPELOU - foto Jiří Zerzáň

Mirek Kemel and his band

Miroslav Kemel is a draughtsman and cartoonist who doesn’t care what politicians think about him at all. Mirek Kemel is a respected singer and accordionist.

“I separate these two genres from each other, because I feel that songs are more intimate and personal than my drawings. They represent my own world and the way I want to present it with a friendly form of my name," explained a singer, songwriter and a musician Mirek. His music and the lyrics are close to chanson, the songs where he is not scared to express great feelings, because he thinks that no one should be ashamed for feelings and emotions such as joy, anger, fear, sadness, they are just a part of us all.

Photo: Jiří Zerzáň