Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers: První křaplavky jazzové (CZ)

Tribute for the first jazz records, which started the new era of pop music

Just to explain: shellac records – those, as some of you can remember and prove- were very gentle, and just a little carelessness and – crack! – they were broken. Some of you might have no idea what we are talking about: you can’t remember those days and MP3 players don’t crack. The swing band with his leader – a singer and entertainer Ondřej Havelka are here to remind you those times, when jazz, like an avalanche, a fascinating tsunami of new rhythms, joy a and beauty started to spread from the south of New Orleans to America and to the whole world. However, the domain of the band is swing and it came twenty years later. As usual – the best of swing from this band as you expect.