Interference (Ireland)

Memory of Ferguse O'Farrella following his wish what should happen after his death: a big party.


Due to the muscular dystrophy he thought that he is supposed to die at the age of twenty, then thirty… and later on he appreciated every single year of his life and tried to protect  his voice, so that the band performed just from time to time. The only album was released in 1995.

Last year’s concerts in honour of Fergus, and their second album The Sweet Spot, brought together the famous band as we have the chance to meet in Náměšť: Paul Tiernan, Maurice Seezer, James O’Leary, John Fitzgerald, Bertrand Galen, Cal McCarthy a Camilla Griehsel Vearncombe. The wife of a famous British singer Black  (Colin Vearncombe), tragically deceased in January 2016, was just preparing her husband’s funeral in the church, when she heard the news that Fergus had passed away…

So that let’s have a party with Ferguse’s songs. The party at the festival he remembered all the time and which he considered one of his biggest musical experience.