Voxtra (Belgium)

A celebration of difference hidden in terrific vocal heritage of mankind

The album The Encounter of Vocal Heritage and performing all around Europe was not meant to be fusion, a Belgian singer Raphael De Cock decided to stress out and celebrate the difference, when all outstanding voices should be identified. And when they join together, they create a dialogue.

The members include a Finnish singer Anu Junnonen, Albanian polyphonic ansamble Gjini, a singer Talike Gelle from Madagascar and a polyphonic choir Tenore de Monte Arvu from Sardinia, where brothers and uncles invited a daughter Manuela, which is considered a revolution in men traditions.  Raphael De Cock is devoted to vocal for many years, including throat singing from Tuva.

Some of the most extraordinary singing traditions come together in this ambitious project. It is fusion but without compromise: every tradition retains its distinctive character - the sobbing iso-polyphony of Albania, Sardinia’s rural cantu a tenore, southern Madagascar’s Beko style, Finland’s rune songs and joik and Belgian narrative folk song can be identified. Alongside deep emotion and daring combinations, experience uplifting and humour-filled dance music in a performance that is never boring.