BOI AKIH DUO - photo by Obed Akihary

Boi Akih & I Made Subandi (Netherlands/Bali)

Modernjazz, improvization and ancient Indonesian songs from the Molucca Islands in the haruku language

Boi Akih is a jazz/world music trio based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, composed of Monica Akihary on vocals, Niels Brouwer on guitar and prepared guitar, and a bass clarinet player Tobias Klein accompanied by I Made Subandi a gamelan composer

The group fuses musical traditions from the Molucca Islands, Bali, Dutch (European) jazz, improvised music, classical Indian music and traditional African music. Initially started as a duo, the music is written by Brouwer and the lyrics are written by Brouwer and Akihary. They are original and unique, because every concert is different. Monica sings in English but more in haruku language, which it the mother tongue of her father. During their concerts you are supposed to hear composed philosophy of love, which tells us a lot about emotions they put into their music.

Photo of Boi Akih duo by Obed Akihary