Intense, distinctive, outstanding lady with the accordion, ukulele, banjo and guitar

Recently Radůza has faced a lot of challenges, which is described in her double album Nebe je odemčené (The heaven is unlocked). “It is an open-hearted, sometimes even raw, diary of the last three years of my life. I am getting older so I can see that my life can finish anytime. I don’t need to impress anyone, be scared of someone or lie to myself, “ she said. She was planning just one album, but as she had a stream of inspiration, suddenly there was one more. She sings in different languages her own songs, re-texted New Orleans jazz songs and with Robert Křesťan she recorded a duet Dobrý lidi (Good people). This song is a tribute to all people, who are willing to give a hand, their message is: “a man is sad without love, but you can’t live without friends at all“.

Photo: Jana Pechlátová