"Folk Holidays" Náměšť nad Oslavou is an extraordinary music Festival. These 8 days many visitors spend as their real music, art and dancing holidays, of which they can be either active or passive participants. They are surro unded by the charming environment of the Naměšť Renaissance chateau, chateau park, adjacent environs of the Oslava river in the town as well as outside the town.

Every evening music programme of the Festival has its theme, its set up, with no genre borders - world, ethnic and folklore music, jazz, rock, folk, classical music. For the coming musicians the Festival often is an inspiration for an untraditional special concert - it is not unusual that they stay for several days, even just as spectators in the audience or as workshop participants.

The Festival is not just the evening concerts at the chateau courtyard. During the Festival days a number of workshops take place - you can e.g. learn to play the basics of some interesting musical instrument, jam and talk with musicians, who the previous evening enthused the courtyard, create your own drawings, paintings, silkscreen printings, objects, write your own text and poetry. Several hours in the afternoon belong regularly to so-called "Open Scene", where interesting, less known, music groups perform on a small stage behind the Baroque Hospital in the town by the Oslava river. And at night not only does the Festival camp come alive with music, but also the chapel of the Baroque Hospital.

The Festival is also unusual thanks to the number of international guests. The Folk Holidays Festival is a festival of outstanding music as well as non-music experiences and inspirations.