The “From Folklore to World Music” Colloquy takes place traditionally at the end of July, within a week-long Folk Music Holiday festival in Náměšť nad Oslavou, Czech Republic. The colloquy was launched in 2003, was repeated after a year-gap in 2005, and since 2007 it has been organized each year. Over the years, the colloquy has become a household name within the festival: not only because of its structured programme, but also for the core of its regular presenters and even for regularly attending visitors, though their number keeps increasing every year. The colloquy scope is quite wide; it invites presentations and discussion on ethnic music, traditional folk music, contemporary folk music, and world music. The speakers come both from a scholarly environment, and from music media: they are ethnologists, ethnomusicologists, ethno choreologists, musicologists, and aestheticians, as well as editors and writers, and quite often musicians as well. In fact, the meeting in one room of professionals from two opposite sides of the music field was the original intention of the colloquy founders. The theme of the colloquy differs each year (because it is related to the theme of the festival), but the attendees are united in their aim to discover all possible aspects of music “from folklore to world music”, to discuss it and to present their own special interest within the theme. Each year, presentations from the colloquy are published in a reviewed volume, which is available both in paper and electronic forms.